Reproductive Medicine


Reproductive medicine continues to be a major focus at Russell Equine. We provide services both at the farm and in-house to help our clients maximize their reproductive efficiency.  We are constantly updating our knowledge and the reproductive services we offer to ensure that you always get the best chance for success.


We at Russell Equine try to make breeding your mare as easy for you as possible by offering in house reproductive services!  This allows you the ability to choose the stud you are looking to breed to, drop off the mare and we will look after the semen importation and breeding.


Artificial Insemination


The use of artificial insemination lifts many of the historical limitations on breeding.  It allows you to breed to any stud you choose in the world- as long as you can get the semen.  At Russell Equine, we perform artificial insemination with both fresh chilled and frozen semen depending on the semen availability for the stud you choose.  With in-house facilities, we are able to closely follow your mare via ultrasound and inseminate her in a timely manner post-ovulation.  Having the ability to follow your mare puts the best odds of success on your side.


Foaling Services


Once your mare has been confirmed in foal, the stress has only begun.  We at Russell Equine are aware of this, and offer foaling services for our clients.  Using Foal Alert Technology, one of our veterinarians is paged when your mare starts to deliver her foal and is stall-side in minutes to deal with any complication that could arise.  Whether its your first foal and you are concerned you wont know what to do, or your 100'th foal and its a difficult mare- we are here to help!


Mare Synchronization


If you are looking to synchronize your donor mare with recipient mares for embryo transfer- we can help determine the medication protocols and recommend further services to help you in this pursuit.


Mare and Foal Herd Health


Foals get much of their initial immunity from their mother by way of her colostrum in the first hours of life.  Which maternal antibodies are passed to the foal is dependent on the vaccine status of the mare.  After maternal antibodies start to fade, it is important that your foal continues to be fully protected.  For these reasons, we have developed a vaccine/de-worming protocol for both your mare during pregnancy and your foal in its first year of life to ensure your foal has the best start.



Fetal Sexing



One of the newest techniques that we are practising at Russell Equine is fetal sexing.  Dr Richards has been working hard to perfect this technique, and we will be offering this service as part of our pregnant mare evaluation soon!!



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