Prepurchase Examination


Pre-purchase examinations can be one of the most stressful parts of horse ownership- both for the buyer and the seller.  At Russell Equine, we look to minimize this stress by providing a trusted opinion- tailoring the services provided to the situation at hand.


With examinations that can vary from a simple physical to full toxicology and radiographic profiling- we try to answer all our clients concerns before the purchase is made.


Pre-purchase services offered can include:


Physical examination

Neurologic Examination

Standing and running flexions

Observation under saddle and at Lunge

Breeding soundness examination

Endoscopic, radiographic, or ultrasound examination

Blood work, including complete blood count, and Biochemical profile, as well as toxicology screening

Special request testing

Insurance examination and documentation


Each pre-purchase examination is accompanied by an individually tailored report, following the British Equine Veterinary Association format.


If you cannot be present for your pre-purchase examination, fear not! We will arrange to call you during the examination to ensure that you are made aware of all of our findings, and any other services we may recommend be performed.


If you are not from Canada, and are looking to buy a horse from our wonderful country- we can assist you with export paperwork to ensure you have a hastle-free trip across the border.






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