Equine Chiropractics


With the addition of Dr. Hodge to our team, Russell Equine is proud to offer Certified Equine Chiropractics to our list of services.  The availability of chiropractics as an adjunct to traditional veterinary medicine has resulted in a greater ability to detect and treat gait abnormalities, pain, and lameness.  


What are the signs my horse needs a chiropractor:

-loss or decrease in level of performance

-Inability to perform desired gaits or movements

-behavioural changes (bucking, girthiness, pinning of the ears during saddling, refusal to work normally)

-asymmetries in muscular development/ tension

-acute injuries from falls, traumatic accidents, etc

-lack of flexibility or suppleness during work


What can I expect to happen in my chiropractic appointment?

-complete history and physical examination

-gait evaluation

-chiropractic examination and adjustment